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Aichun Beauty Armpit whitening cream

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50g armpit elbows knee dilute melanin body whitening lotion


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Armpit beauty cream 50g.

(description of the product is in English and Arabic)

Function: private place armpit elbow/knee, light and white to dilute melanin.

[ scent ] light lavender fragrance, fresh and natural.

Suitable for any type of skin.

[main ingredients]

Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, lavender pure dew, lavender flower soak oil, lavender essential oil etc.

[ efficacy description ]

The armpit cream can promote cell regeneration and balance sebum secretion, so it is helpful for all skin conditions.It is famous for its efficacy in curing burns and sunburn.Can inhibit the growth of micro bacteria, reduce swelling, scar, gangrene to a minimum, especially suitable for acne, oily, skin spots, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, such as advanced natural oils can nourish and soften the skin well, soap soap bubble rich and dense, fine texture soft, and very mild stimulation, not suitable for all type of skin, let your skin shining after washing clean, smooth and moist and won't dry and tight, if used in a bath can improve the calf snakeskin phenomenon of dry skin, clean and comfortable body, the breath of pure natural essential oil, more personal comfort, even the children can use oh ^_^!

The natural fruit formula skin care products of the armpit beauty white frost, Europe and America is now extremely popular, and also very green.Therefore, even if it reaches the river or the sea, it will not pollute the environment, nor threaten the rivers, lakes and sea creatures!!!

[special attention]

When using the armpit beauty cream, it is recommended that the skin tissue is not damaged to avoid causing discomfort.

All the pictures of the axillary beauty cream sold in the shop are taken in kind.Please understand the specific situation in kind.


Painted with axillary creams containing water, different season, temperature, humidity, evaporate water would is different, so each batch of the weight of the axillary skin-lightening ointment will have small differences oh (generally within + / - 5 g).

U made with fruits and vegetables petals additives axillary whitening cream, after reaction is mature, these additives will become a small black dot what of, never thought to be dirty things oh, we make very hygiene.

Usage: adequate amount to the stomach, every time apply need to improve the part of the gentle massage evenly, a single part 4 to 6 minutes every time, fully absorb directly, this cream can be used in the underarm/privates, armpit, elbow, knee, use twice a day, suggested that in the morning and once, so that the effect is much better.